Chai and Mulligan!
Early sketch of Chai and Mulligan!™

About Chai and Mulligan! the Comic Strip

Do you ever imagine your dog with an iPhone? Now you can!

Hit the dog park with Chai and Mulligan!TM the Instagram daily comic strip that brings to life two dogs who are the talk of the backyard! And talk they do!

Chai and Mulligan keep boredom away by sharing insight into human lives, scanning social media and showing love for all things technology. The Shiba Inu and Australian Stumpy-Tailed Cattle Dog never get bored because there’s always time for humor and naps.

Whether in action or sitting still, Chai and Mulligan and their irresistible crew of doggos will make you laugh! These good dogs like to read blogs, sip coffee and take selfies. They talk about what’s going on and how to enjoy life, especially when it comes to coffee, food and tech.

Enjoy their antics as a webcomic or in a book!

About the Phranz!

Phranz! is Francis Baytan, a cartoonist and graphic artist residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. Along with his artistic talents, he’s a pet guardian who loves creating an alternate reality where dogs run the world.


Male Shiba Inu

Adopted as a pup. Chai loves youtubing, tech gadgetry and coffeehouse banter.


Female Stupmpy-tailed Cattle Dog

Rescued from shelter. Mulligan loves to sleep, eat and be Chai’s comedic foil.


Male Havanese

Cubi likes to keep up-to-date with the news, which probably started from when he was trained to “go” on recycled newspapers that were used puppy pads.


Female Maltipoo

Rescued from the dog shelter, Fluff is feisty and sassy. She’s an aspiring Instagram star and tirelessly works at increasing her follower count.

Izzy or Iz

Male Poodle Mix

Izzy is a free-spirited and sporty poodle mix.


Male Maltipoo

The new kid and puppy of the pack.