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  • Chai and Mulligan! Official Launch and the 2018 Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con

    The official launch of Chai and Mulligan! will put these quirky canines on display at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con, which will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Centero on June 29 through July 1 in booth 644.  Phranz!, creator of Chai and Mulligan!,  will be on hand for free signings, while the […]

    Chai and Mulligan!™ Unleashed, paperback

    Chai and Mulligan™ Unleashed is a collection of comic strips about the tails of two dogs, one curled the other naturally stumpy, and the lives they lead as care-free, park-loving, gadget-upgrading, coffee snob dogs. Kind of like being millennials, but they’re dogs. The comic strip centers around a pair of canine siblings– Chai, a male Shiba Inu, and Mulligan, a female Cattle Dog. Chai’s […]

    Book Signing at the Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con