Chai and Mulligan™ Unleashed is a collection of comic strips about the tails of two dogs, one curled the other naturally stumpy, and the lives they lead as care-free, park-loving, gadget-upgrading, coffee snob dogs. Kind of like being millennials, but they’re dogs. The comic strip centers around a pair of canine siblings– Chai, a male Shiba Inu, and Mulligan, a female Cattle Dog. Chai’s raison d’être is always being connected online and having the latest gadgets, while Mulligan enjoys naps, eating, and sometimes being the comedic foil to Chai. A pair of pups round out the cast of characters, which includes a cultured and tea-loving Cubi, a Havanese, and a headstrong Maltipoo named Fluff.

The soft cover book, sewn binding with glued spine, is crafted with art in mind. Unlike most other comic strip compilations, each strip in UNLEASHED  is contained on it’s own page for maximum enjoyment. It is printed in full color on a thick uncoated stock that minimizes reflections. The size of the book is portable, yet large enough to appreciate the whimsical details of each drawing.

The comic strip was created by Francis Baytan, who goes by the pen name Phranz!, (exclamation point and all). He began his professional career in advertising and corporate design. As a hobby, Phranz! started drawing Chai and Mulligan five years ago using an iPad and an app called Paper .

CHAI AND MULLIGAN! UNLEASHED answers the gnawing question that we all have about our dogs as to what they do when they’re left to their own devices.